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And a Pillow Planning sheet. Of course these are just suggestions, you could make anything, a mini, a smaller or larger quilt than suggested, curtains, a dog bed….

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Quilt Planning Sheet. Table Runner Planning Sheet. Pillow Planning Sheet. Check Instagram for details on what to post for the weekly giveaway and let us know what your planning on making. Once you have figured out what you are making you get to pick fabrics.

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I just love it. You can really do so many things with the colors and fabric placement. Scrappy, low volume, all one fabric, a color, add grass at the bottom…. For the stem, leaves, and the petals you can really do anything you choose….. I am working on a quilt and will make the stem and leaves scrappy. I am making the petals scrappy but will do an ombre affect with lighter flowers at the top of the quilt fading into darker flowers at the bottom of the quilt.

I am about halfway done and will be sharing progress during the sew a long. It is one of my favorite flowers and seeing it made into beautiful quilt blocks is going to make me so happy.

You can still sign up and join in the fun if you would like. The link is below to the sign up post. I made this thing. You can make one too with my new pattern. I answered the call for help from Dylan Mierzwinski for her new fabric line debuting soon, and through our conversations I decide to make a pig pouch to go with here new line. The Pig Pouch is much like my cat and bear pouches if you have made either of those before. A roomy zippered pocket on the back stores all your chapsticks, or your keys and phone, a ton of hexagons for english paper piecing ask me how I know snacks, or even a bunch of crayons for the avid artist.

So as you can see this is the perfect pouch to make for yourself or pretty much anybody in your life. It comes with a list of all the materials needed and printable pattern pieces. The ears are sewn into the seam and are a bit floppy so they add a fun texture that way. The snout, nose, and eyes are all appliqued on and you can play with the placement to add personality. There is also the option of adding a little curly tail to the back.

I really hope you will check out this pouch pattern in my etsy shop and make one. If your not a sewists please let me know. Check out all the adorable versions made by my testers and add your own picture to the hashtag woollypetalspigpouch on Instagram. I absolutely love to see what you make with my patterns. Stop by my etsy shop to get a copy of your pattern. I am so happy you have decided to join in the fun and make a block or The Sew A Long starts on July 1st.

But the hope is that at the end of month we will have created an online field of Echinacea. You will need to purchase the Echinacea Field Quilt Block in my etsy shop to join in. It has fabric amounts for 1 block or what you would need to make a full quilt which is 20 blocks. You can find that pattern in my etsy shop here.

Each week I will have a prompt for you to join in and use the hashtag on Instagram and that will enter you into the prize drawing.


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You will be making a project of your choice with the Echinacea Field Quilt Block during the sew along. One block, a whole quilt, a table runner, a pillow, whatever you can come up with to use the block for. The block is I will have a few extra downloads to help with planning and other things during the sew a long.

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But to be eligible for the giveaways you will need to sign up. So sign up with your email address below. I have really started getting more and more into gardening in the last few years. We have lived in this home for 4.

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With the addition of a new driveway and patio, and more time with older kids who play independently or with neighbors I have been spending loads of time in the garden. You can follow along with that in my Instagram stories.

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One of my gardening goals is to have an area filled with Echinacea flowers, also known as Coneflower. Get your pattern here. This pattern is traditionally pieced. The pattern includes printable templates for the petals, along with a full cut list of all the other pieces. Instructions include construction of block with several variations. The bud or cone can be a solid piece or pieced with two fabrics to give an ombre look. The leaves can be altered so they are even on both sides or off set with one side being higher than the other.

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The cutting and sewing instructions give you all the options to make this block come together quickly. I had a handful of enthusiastic pattern testers and you can check out all the adorable blocks on Instagram under the hashtag echinaceafieldquiltblock I can not wait for that hashtag to be like a real field of Echinacea with thousands of flower blocks hanging out together.

I hope you will love this pattern as much as I do! It has so much versatility. Make the background scrappy or all one fabric, change the color of the background. I had one tester, Dana, make hers with a dark blue background. Another tester, Faith, made her bottom piece green so it looked like grass. So much fun. You can have all the petals match or be scrappy, and the same with the leaves and stem. So many options. I plan on making a quilt of these blocks.

This is the mock up I came up with. I planned it out with ombre colors. Because this is just a quilt block pattern it is easily made into a mini quilt or with additional borders on the sides could be made into a pillow. You could also line a view top to bottom for a table runner.

I am planning on hosting a Sew Along for this quilt block in July. I will have sign ups for that soon. We will sew along together and whatever we decide to make it will be a fun time with some tips and tricks I use to make sewing fast and fun. Hi Guys! I am releasing my new quilt pattern today called Moonrise. Hop over to my etsy shop to purchase. Moonrise stemmed from my love of Alexia Abegg Moonrise fabric collection. Upon seeing her fabric line I knew I needed to make something special with it and the Moonrise quilt was born.