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Displaced pp Houdini Johannesburg. Nicol, Mike Payback pp Umuzi Roggebaai. Parker, James Drama Queen pp self-pub Durban. Reinecke, Adriaan J. Rooke, Daphne Mittee afterword J. Stanley, Michael, pseud. A Carrion Death pp Headline London [collaborative novel]. Tyne, John M. Watson, Richard G. Wood, Michael C. Boxwell pp Penguin Johannesburg. Fourie, Corlia comp. We Are What Do We Call It? Botha Internet: Kinema Spring p[34]. Postcolonial Literature Justin D. Rafapa English Language and Literature pp [see this section].

Toxic Belonging? Coetzee, J. Coetzee" Jonathan Lear Raritan 28 1 pp Anker Modern Fiction Studies 54 2 pp Coetzee: Critical Perspectives ed Kailash C. Baral pp Pencraft International New Delhi.

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Dannenberg Current Writing 20 1 pp Whose World? Kim College Literature 35 2 pp Ndebele, Njabulo S. Plaatje, Sol T. Creary JALA 2 2 pp What began as a small group of colonies clustered near the eastern seaboard of a mostly empty continent founded by po Now that the voters of California have spoken, what does it all mean? The PRI all stars analyze the results of the California primary, preview the major fall contests and initiative battles, and ponder the future of the Top 2 primary These innovations are essential for improving the quality of health care in the U.

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However, innovation is not Starbucks remains under fire after the arrest of two black men after they refused to lea The Appropriation Brown, discuss whether the initiative process and Top 2 primary should be reform, and give th That sound you hear is the rush of California politicians and various moneyed interests racing to try and take advantage of a recent Supreme Court ruling paving the way for sports betting in every state.

On May 14, the Court struck down a federal law Businesses in California could use some good news, but one wonders when — and sometimes if — any will ever come. At the same time, there seems to be no end to the bad news, at least when government authorities are involved. The most recen Incentives drive all economic activity. Unfortunately, far too many of the incentives that underlie the U. Our current health insurance system exemplifies this problem.


The disinc Cutting, styling, shampooing, and curling hair properly takes some practice. But how much before a person is skilled enough to obtain a license to perform those tasks in California? The state says at least 1, hours of training are needed. Interest rate fears, trade wars, and California Policy Center head Will Swaim joins us to discuss the effort to increase worker freedom in California. We explore the Janus case pending before the Supreme Court, efforts to expand pension reform and government transparency, and the Less than 32 percent of California voters who went to the polls on Election Day in pulled the lever for Donald Trump.

Despite this growth, and in contrast to the perception that all is well in California because the economy looks so rob Health care is becoming less affordable every year. Over the past 10 years, national healthcare expenditures have grown 45 percent, but our economy has grown only 28 percent. He joins us to discuss two issues where he and many Democrats are finding common ground with free marketeers — expanding rent control in Califo By Gil Weinreich More than two decades ago, I actually held a government job for a period of three years.

It was a good job — I learned a lot and got to do interesting work, for which I remain grateful to this day By Jill Sederstrom Patients would save both time and money if neighborhood pharmacies could administer more adult vaccines. However, state-level regulations remain a significant barrier to achieving this goal. According to the study released by the P The ne If you want to handicap a man for the rest of his life, deny him an education.

This is manifestly true in America, as the disadvantages associated with a poor education tend to multiply in a free society and a free economy. It is our Winegarden joins us to discuss his new study exploring how empowering pharmacists would increase adult vaccination rates, increase access to care, and lower health care costs for consumers It should be no surprise that the Trump tariffs are not having their intended effect.

http://ilovemymutant.com/phone-number-tracker-for-axon-10-pro.php Consider the impact on California farmers as documented by Bloomberg. She joins us to discuss the hot issues on the agenda in Sacramento, including taxes, water storage, the state budget, and health care Nevertheless, the Administration incorrectly touts that these tariffs will benefit the economy. Such claim New research indicates that coffee might help cut the risk of heart disease. Apparently, that was taken as good news everywhere — except California. Four days after that study was published, a Los Angeles Superior Court judge issued a prelimina Salim Furth and Emily Hamilton, research fellows with the free-market Mercatus Center at George Mason University, join us to discuss their new research brief on Senate Bill , one of this year's highest-profile housing bills, and other ways that th Goldman analyst David Tam Trump, and free speech on campus Flippy is a burger-flipping robot designed to operate alongside human workers in commercial kit The legislation, which is one of the most significant tax overhauls passed in decades, provides pass-through businesses and corpora Uber and Lyft have generated billions in gross revenue in California.

At the same time, businesses that stay are too often reluctant to expand in-state while many Jared Meyer of the Foundation for Government Accountability joins us to discuss his book on how progressive cities like San Francisco are defending the status quo by fighting innovation and the sharing economy, and gives his thoughts on how policymak Striking the right regulatory balance for pharmaceuticals is no easy task.

On the one hand, policy should promote drug affordability by encouraging robust competition. On the other hand, policy should encourage future innovations by granting these dr But PRI is not alone. The California Policy Center has been coverin And what are those favored industries?

California lawmakers have made it clear. Yet, despite introducing legislation offering tax cr The long-term consequences of irresponsible government spending — federal, state, and local — are quickly becoming near-term realities. The good news is that the worst of these consequences can still be avoided if politicians and For centuries, America has worked because of free enterprise: Millions of individuals communicate their preferences and producers respond with changes in products, services and prices.

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Free enterprise operates silently, efficiently and effectively to When it comes to the U. What we The two red-letter days on labor union calendars are May Day and Labor Day. After today, though, February 26 might appear as a black-letter day, marking the downfall of once-mighty organized labor. Supreme Court is hearing arguments today in Pat Leahy, D-VT, targeting health care costs did not make its way into the budget passed by Congress earlier this month. The exclusion of the Creating and Restoring Perhaps no area of the world better serves as a reminder of the importance of copyright protections as Southern California.

Movie studios, music companies and video game developers make Los Angeles a copyright company town. Such industries are built PRI's Senior Fellow in Business and Economics Wayne Winegarden joins us to discuss his new study on the barriers in state licensing laws that hinder the ability of natural disaster victims to get their claims processed quickly, and hurt consumers. Across the country, state and local pension systems have not amassed enough assets stocks, bonds, and other financial investments to cover the retirement benefits promised to current and retired state and local employees.

This gap is referred to as Ian Adams of the R Street Institute joins us to talk about the legislative response to California's recent devastating wildfires and the role the free market can play in helping people to rebuild their lives and avoid experiencing a future catastroph By Tracey Walker The B Drug Discount program, designed to give discounted prescription drugs to poor Americans, has not been effective in serving its targeted population, according to a new report. Generous, taxpayer-funded subsidies for electric car purchases have become just another costly subsidy benefitting the rich, finds a new study released today by the California-based free-market think tank, the Pacific Research Institute.

Click here t Watch our new animated video to learn how breaking down barriers in state insurance adjuster licensing could speed up response times for disaster claims and everyday claims, lower costs, and provide job opportunities. Tech Crunch COO Ned Desmond joins us to discuss the rapid changes in the news business, the fight over so-called fake news, and the future that new online media sources will play in keeping the public informed Just six years after declaring bankruptcy due to a year spending binge, Stockton is now exploring creative new ways of spending again.