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The game NBA season is a grueling marathon and Jackson manages accordingly. Does he stress over an early season loss? Of course not. Phil knows the difference between an early December game against the Grizzlies and an early March game against the Spurs. His teams get better as the season rolls on and they always peak at the right time.

Is Phil Jackson the best coach in NBA history or just lucky?

But, if you're going to do it, do it in the toilet where no one can see. Jackson manages his players better than anyone else. How many coaches could have corralled Dennis Rodman, turning him into a valuable contributor on a championship team?

What about his success with Ron Artest? Phil has extracted maximum value from these two volatile players. At that time, most coaches subscribe to the new trockne theory of mental training.

Phil Jackson: Michael Jordan's contributions will never be eclipsed | Chicago Bulls

They tried to get their players revved up for the game with with one for the gipper style pep talks. Instead of charging players up, I develop the number of strategies to help him quiet their minds and build awareness, so they could go into battle poison control.

The first thing I did with the bulls was to teach the players, an abbreviated version of mindfulness and meditation based upon zen practice test for the years. We sat for about 10 minutes or so during practice, usually before one of our video viewing sessions, some players thought it was weird. Others use it best time to take a nap, but they humored me because they knew that meditation was important.

I was interested in getting them taken more mindful approach to the game and to the relationships with one another and its heart. Mindfulness mindfulness is about being present in the moment as much as possible, not weighed down by your thoughts of the past or the future. Quite quite can take payments for every patient and clear your mind and do all that with no, but I do tell them i, say:listen. What I try to do every time before I walked into an exam room. I would literally clear my mind, focus and say to myself and I know it sounds cheesy, but I would take showtime, but I would also put in the back of my mind the most important thing, the most important things in my life come up, and my business coach journey come on, for my business, yes, is to be, is to be here and to be clocked in and to connect with the patient on the other side of that door.

Being present is a present. Yes, what is a present every day is a gift back to you with the circle and only takes you to certain to a certain point and what he discovered is.

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Is he needed not just to win this game, but he want to win championships and you can win this game with emotion, but you win championships with been consistent, been focused and being lasered. You know just dialed in so I think what he was doing. You have to be practical, you have to be delivered and you have to be focused to win and marshall coaches, clients and marshalls perspective is unique because he wrote is a cooperative.

The amazon best-selling book start here and writing.

That book was a very mindful process way to take all the books on the shelf. It could get some into a book and the the linear path works.

Phil Jackson On Managing Emotions

So full package media, massive growth, phonedoctors massive growth, tip top, k9 massive brawl at the same time they all grow. What happens is marshall? She knew you say. Clients were successful and a very zen stoic call me:okay will do they come back the next week and they say you know we fired sarah.

Things are looking up, but things have been proved. They start getting all emotional start. Sending you, those 8-page emails, start texting you all the time what time does marshall they they come off the track. The biggest thing is exactly like. Playoffs is like preparing to go to the dentist. Your whole being is pointed toward the event. I would say at this point my life i. Consider him to be my pastor and I was honored.

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We so could you speak at my church, but I also know that I am not a pastor. Did he tell you what to talk about? So you can see my no to this. My notes from my event here so colossians 3, states, whatever you do work at it with all of your heart as working for the lord, not for human masters.

Since you know that the reward you receive inheritance from the lord, he says, since you know that you will receive an inheritance from the lord as a reward. It is the lord christ you are serving so for me. This is the former executive vice president of walt disney world resort, to point out.

The balcony was full. Com i. They know the truth and they preach the truth and they have the the book that says he would you do this this and this and this-and this is how your life will be, and but you know what the same thing I talked about this all the time success is being delivered. Now I have to get your spine in line, chiropractic care. Absolutely you can just like once a month that I do but I go through.

You like out of the average once a month again, but I probably should guys should go because we have, on the show from time to time is sibley. This is the chiropractor of choice for the legendary nhl hall of famer wayne gretzky. John, looking for a business coach chiropractor, give a call at this doctor john, sibley. The drivetime business coach radio show I change the mindset stock for incense burner on the magic show pic of the heat up food, to give it to me straight in the world in the back of the truck, so I can get up on the mic and speak the facts. Oh yes, yes and yes, tribe, nation, welcome back to the drive time to show on your radio and podcast download big shout out to all the books in amarillo texas tuning in for the first time. We appreciate you guys attending that church service this past weekend.

Thank you, pastor brian gibson. Thank you, pastor jesse gibson. Was anybody? Did you get in like a gas when they saw the actual size of your head? Tell me when you walked out on me today:did you may pass out or anybody is. You have a team lot of times. Did you get my cranium up there, so they had to grab on the mic and say we need a license book. The worst moment never came at the end when the pistons led by isiah thomas, walked up the court without shaking hands and insult not just to the polls but to the business coach game itself.

That still bothers me to this day, he goes on to explain that the players were all upset and he had to get the guys to move on. The pistons were. The top dog in the bulls are working really really hard to try to upset the top dog when the pistons finally lose. They started physically attacking the bolts, i, just shoving them hitting them, and then isiah thomas, who was one of the best players in the league and a guy that michael wanted his handshake to say, good game.

Nice, okay, can I coach you here or or do you do you want to just order die on this hill? Do you want to actually be successful or we just having a false kindness conversation? He said I would like to know. So there we go yeah yeah, but my wife had some serious health scares and I continue to work.

He says something else. I said my son was born blind and I continue to work. We can play this game, but the reality is the one constant in my life is I show up and you would you do what you do and everyone around you is you make these excuses and everyone else validate stuff. You actually asked me if I am literally on this. My wife had a miscarriage person called me up and said:what are you going to do? I said:go to work, cuz! If you want to be an business coach entrepreneur, you got to show up on a lighter level. The bulls were disrespected and phil jackson says we gotta move on my office, probably be when we get an irate customer.

When you get a bad post, we get a horrible review. When we get a letter used to be i, remember back in the day when people would actually hand-write or type a letter and let it in and they would reference the person they would reference. But after they start winning, he says winning takes talent to repeat, takes character. The first glimmer of this came and horace grant, unloaded on the media or unloaded on michael jordan in the media, and we come back from the break member horace.

Grant they just won an nba championship and horace grant. Who was the forward for the bulls? Then he goes. Oh, my gosh.

Zen Phil Is Gone, but All Is Not Lost for Knicks

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