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A power sando to pair with coffee. Put it on a slice of buttered sourdough toast.

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I like to use a bit of farro and barley and top that with a bunch of shaved vegetables this depends what we have on hand seasonally , some salsa verde that we make in-house, and a piece of grilled salmon. It's quick and delicious! Hospitality Co. Chicago, Illinois. It's as easy as it sounds. I dice tomatoes, fold in some bagoong, a bit of salt, pepper, and soy sauce.

Add scrambled eggs and stir rapidly as they cook until the eggs are soft scrambled. Serve over rice! I make enough for a few days and have it for breakfast during the week. The egg mixture sticks to the tortilla, so when the tortilla is warm to the touch, just flip it out of the pan so the tortilla is on the bottom.

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Throw some sour cream, salsa, or another favorite condiment in the middle and roll it up. It's quick to make, high in protein, and has lots of vegetables, but it's delicious and something I tend to crave. Then I fry an egg in olive oil and put that on top of the greens, crack a ton of fresh pepper on top and enjoy.

My other go-to is a green frittata. This is a good morning 'pick-me-up' dish -- easy to make and also very heathy. Chile de arbol is added into the avocado mash as it offers a nice addition of spice. I like to put a kick in my breakfast, because in the morning I need to wake up. I eat my oatmeal like porridge when I don't feel like cooking.

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It's cooked until it's just set also works with leftover spaetzle, cooked till crispy, and eggs dumped over. Usually I'll eat it with some kind of hot sauce or Sriracha, too. I'll also add a little fish sauce, chili, kaffir, garlic, and cilantro to it, too. It fuels me so I can roar properly! Very easy to make also.

You should have just a little bit more volume of the wet ingredients vs. Stir together and place in a Mason jar, cover with a lid, and refrigerate overnight. Just before eating, I like to top with a little Greek yogurt and fresh berries.

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Wil Fulton is a staff writer for Thrillist. Personally, he'd like to see "deliciousity" added to Webster's. Share on Facebook Tweet this article Pin it Email. Share on Facebook Pin it. The French special "My motto is, 'No baguette, no breakfast. Zen soft-scrambled eggs "Soft-scrambled eggs recipe here! Oatmeal with peaches "My favorite quick breakfast is oatmeal.

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French frog in a French toast hole "I make a French toad-in-the-hole , a riff on the classic egg-in-the-hole but made with French toast. Avocado toast "Avocado toast with toasted country bread, chile de arbol, and fried egg. I really enjoyed making a batch of soft boiled eggs in advance, putting them in the fridge for the week and then peeling and warming one in the microwave each morning. Topped with salt, black pepper and olive oil or just siracha. Related Questions Is flossing once a day enough?

Should I write the time to do them as well? Do uou strect before or after a work out or both? Meditation is difficult for me. I think there are a lot that I should learn but the problem is that I am not even able to slow down my thoughts. As soon as I wake up my mind jumps everywhere. How can I setup an effective meditation habit that really helps me visualizing my goals? What other healthy breakfast options are there for people on the go? Emma Harvey.

Wallace Hunt. I think my favorite breakfast would probably consist of Thanksgiving leftovers. Mashed potatoes and gravy, turkey, cranberry sauce, stuffing… mmmm. Priscilla West. Cereal will always be my favorite breakfast. Farina or oatmeal a close third. Eggs with buttered toast is a good second. I prefer a chia porridge with oat milk, mixed berries and raisins, although a good smoothie bowl can be equally satisfying. Christoffer Christiansen. My favorite breakfast is blueberry bagels with cream cheese, bacon, orange juice and fruit usually blueberries, blackberries and strawberries.

Brooke Ortiz. An egg white omelet loaded with veggies and feta cheese is my favorite breakfast. If I don't have time to cook, greek yogurt with fruits and nuts works in a pinch too. Ciro Costa. Healthy filling smoothies and a cup of tea. I put almond milk, banana, misc frozen fruit, frozen leafy greens, Oats, dates, Agave, nut butter and green powder in the smoothie. Sandro Robin. Steel-cut or pinhead oats are oats that haven't been rolled so the idea is that they have more of their nutrition still intact.

Soaking them overnight in almond milk, oat milk or water makes them easy to cook the next morning and they can be used as regular oatmeal with fruits, yogurt etc. Joseph Brown. Six eggs, a meat, whatever veggies I have on hand and a little shredded cheese.

Making them in silicone baking cups makes it easy to portion! And I usually have fresh berries as well for some fiber! Astrid Larsen. Every Sunday I prep my breakfasts for the week — almond butter chia pudding and hard-boiled eggs. I like chia pudding because you can warm it up on cold mornings, or eat it chilled if you want something refreshing.

Jared Simpson. Eggs and fruits. Eggs are a good source of protein and gives you energy. Fruit can help with sugar cravings throughout the day, like apples. Freja Olsen. My favorite go to breakfast during the week is from this meal delivery service in my town.


It's a tofu scramble with a roasted green chili. Egg scramble with onions, mushrooms, peppers, garlic, cheese, and bacon. A sweet roll or oatmeal with nuts, raisins, coconut, almond milk, brown sugar, and maple syrup.

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  • Coffee and orange juice. Johan Olsen. I like to mix it up. Some of my favorites are Avocado toast, oatmeal, and jook.

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    A scrambled egg with oyster sauce on toast is also good. Marius Kristensen. My favourite breakfast is a cooked breakfast with a good source of protein and veg, a piece of fruit and a small amount of carb.