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But there is a startling pattern: in the six cases where arrests have been made, 10 of the 13 arrested are teenagers. Some of the new gangs are certainly more impulsive and less organized than their predecessors, but the similarities are startling, for like the old boys who roamed the quiet, bygone nights, these youngsters relish the obvious terror they create in their victims and are emboldened by the firm conviction that the Bible and their Lord Jesus are on their side.

So sure are they of the heroism and lightness of their cause that they do not even bother to wear hoods to preserve their anonymity. More often than not, the original motive is robbery. Anti-gay rhetoric has been preached from the pulpits of Texas for years. What is new, what is terrifying, is the degree to which it has become a part of the mainstream as the state moves in a direction that is increasingly conservative and increasingly subject to the powerful influence of the religious right.

When you take the rhetoric and combine it with the macho culture of a state where the cowboy and six-shooter still hold powerful sway, it makes the trail of death seem not aberrational but inevitable. Does the anti-gay rhetoric explicitly encourage violence against gays?

The answer is usually no. The answer is self-evident.

Busy play is delightfully illogical

Kind of more or less like a vengeful type thing. Last August in a courtroom in Kerrville, where Aldrich was on trial for capital murder, Hardy-Garcia listened to the testimony of a year-old boy who had been part of a group that liked to go fag-bashing in Tyler. Mel White, the dean of the Cathedral of Hope in Dallas, the largest gay church in the world, has come to the same conclusion. White knows about the heat of anti-gay rhetoric from a unique perspective.

Raised in a conservative-Christian home and educated in conservative-Christian schools, he went on to become a ghostwriter of books, autobiographies, and speeches for such religious-right figures as Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson. At different times, White has heard other supposedly authoritative statistics used about gays: 17 percent of all gays ingest human feces, 29 percent urinate on their partners, and 37 percent engage in sadomasochism.

He is positive he knows the source of them—a psychologist expelled from the American Psychological Association for breaching its code of ethics. But in the state of Texas during the past 14 months, the anti-gay fervor has gone beyond rhetoric. Said Commissioner David S. January Early in his successful gubernatorial campaign George W. May Austin voters overwhelmingly repeal domestic-partner insurance benefits for the partners of unmarried city employees. No person should receive special legal entitlements or privileges based on sexual preference.

We oppose marriages between persons of the same sex and homosexuals obtaining the right to adopt or obtaining child custody. August After three conservative-Christian members join the Plano School Board, the board ends its longstanding policy of allowing condom demonstrations as part of its AIDS-education curriculum. November The student government at Stephen F. In such a climate, asks Dianne Hardy-Garcia, is it any surprise that certain teenagers feel the comfortable womb of church and state support when killing gays?

They are taught to hate. Warren Chisum, a state legislator from Pampa, who is also the president of the largest government coalition in the state, the Texas Conservative Coalition, says that any link between anti-gay sentiment and the recent spate of killings of gays is ridiculous.

A headstrong head of state

During the last legislative session in , Chisum and the Conservative Coalition worked against the enactment of a strong hate-crimes bill. They apparently succeeded; the bill that did emerge from the legislature was considered by activists to be vague and difficult to enforce. Given the killings that have taken place, Hardy-Garcia is hopeful—despite the recent right-wing electoral victories nationwide—that most Texas legislators will now see the need to strengthen the bill.

But she expects a major fight from Chisum and the coalition, particularly on the issue of including sexual orientation as a category deserving special protection against violence. In these investments, the investor purchases the life-insurance policy of the patient at a discount. The investor is then the beneficiary and profits when the patient dies. Because the investor pays the insurance premium for the AIDS patient, his margin of profit increases when the insured party dies quickly. The Morning News, while noting that advocacy groups support such investments because they mean desperately needed cash for AIDS patients, also pointed out obvious ethical concerns.

Then the gun was aimed at Callaway, who, remembering what he had learned in the military, turned to the side just before Corey Burley fired. The trio, their orgasm of violence against the fags complete, moved back down the hill of the park. Nguyen, able to sit, pulled up his shirt and in the glow of the moonlight saw the bullet wound in his stomach. In shock, he got up and started running down the hill, holding his bleeding stomach, looking for help.

Callaway wanted to stop him, because he knew the assailants were still in the park. Behind the impenetrable windows of the prison waiting area, where death-row inmates in the state of Texas entertain all visitors until they are executed by lethal injection, Donald Aldrich tries to explain some of the psychology that went into the killing of Nicholas West that November night in Early in my writing, I wrote and submitted to an agent a psychological romantic thriller.

I had an appointment with that agent at a conference a short time later and learned that when my submission was read, everyone in her office thought I was the victim of mental illness. They were actually afraid of me. I can only assume their conclusion had something to do with the heroine finding her sister beheaded.

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I never submitted that story again. I recently finished reading Betrayal, a paranormal romance by M. Guida that kept me turning the pages. My website is at www. She was in the closet, yanking clothes from hangers and dropping them over her free arm. He stepped inside and quietly closed the door. She whirled around, clutching the clothes to her chest, her eyes glistening with tears. Wiping them away with the back of her hand, she blinked and swallowed. He could feel her struggle to control the chaos of her situation.

The anguish in her eyes told him more than he wanted to know. She cared about him, and not just as a friend. The image of her face down in the dirt yesterday made his heart beat a pained staccato. He had to convince her. Karalee Long has been writing stories since second grade. Vintage Theatre looks like a large Edwardian Valentine this month, with three small stages, each draped with puffy red satin drapes. Action in nearly 20 different scenes pops between stages, with …. If you're a print subscriber, but do not yet have an online account, click here to create one.

Click here to see your options for becoming a subscriber. Performances: p. Fridays, Saturdays; p. Tickets: vintagetheatre. Free parking. Action in nearly 20 different scenes pops between stages, with some all-company song and dance numbers staged on the floor in front of these nifty little windows. Miss Shingle, a friend of his late, lamented mother, informs him of this good fortune and encourages him to go for it! He tries to romance blonde, self-centered Sibella Anne Jennes , who seeks a rich suitor — she reminds him that there are only eight family members in the way — and his mind kicks into a different gear.

First family member to depart is an elderly clergyman, who clumsily climbs the church tower to show it to Monty. Then we have the unfortunate beekeeper, pursued across stage many times by a swarm …. Readers who decide to head over to the Vintage Theatre in Aurora will want to abandon logic and just sit back and chuckle as this totally entertaining saga unfolds in its first Denver production. We have noticed you are using an ad blocking plugin in your browser.

The revenue we receive from our advertisers helps make this site possible. We request you whitelist our site. Tuesday, July 9, Log in. Service Directory. Toggle navigation South Platte Independent. Submit news. Reader Services. Public Notices. Busy play is delightfully illogical Silliness on stage makes for a lighthearted escape from world of reality Sonya Ellingboe sellingboe coloradocommunitymedia.

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