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That is important. Very important. Or you could miss out on having the life you deserve. These selfish abusive acts can ruin lives and destroy families. No matter what the family wants to believe;they might not be able to for years- dont wait- believe in yourself first. Secondly, the subject of women or men having sociopathic tendencies. They were raised in a family with alcoholic father and cold diminished mother; I think both were affected and many behaviors similar. There might be hope for the sister that shes just a victim with NPD or borderline, but one things for sure: my brother-in law and I have been able to validate eachother, so we dont feel so crazy, and our kids benefit from the fact that we can keep our feet on the truth at all times.

Even though Ive started to come out on the other side of the storm, I still get stuck and paralyzed with fear. All these self esteem sabotaging thoughts run through my head…all reminders of things said to me daily to diminish and control me. I still trust people, but I trust myself now.

That is most important. Too much power and control, no acceptance of the individual. And it was so isolating. The most at risk member of the family is actually my dog I think at the moment. Thanks for listening. Is it possible for you to email me? I would like to discuss some things with you but I prefer that it not be done publicly.

The definition of a sociopath does not include a gender differentiation. They can be male or female and the female sociopath is far more dangerous to children simply because courts are reluctant to identify mothers as being sociopaths. If you want to protect children, focus on the traits of the sociopath without identifying the victims and female and the perpetrators as male.

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While physical domestic violence is typically a male behavior, females are also capable of violence, and their male victims are less likely to report it. They are likely to leave their children without care, or in the care of people who are not safe for the children.

They will train their children to lie and manipulate — even to lie about things the other parent has or has not done.

All for their own personal gain. She is cunning, glib, and an extremely good liar. Their children have been gravely affected by her abnormal, antisocial behavior, and there is little we can do. I too am a lucky ex partner of a sociopath. With a child to him. So true what people have said here.

Stages of the Psychopathic Bond

Pre school workers have to be screened to be accepted as safe to work around children, but us mothers have to hand over our children to mad men. Our system truly sucks. I am very disappointed with the way the police force have dealt with my domestic violence matter fobbing it off as there pants have practically been charmed off by my ex. With soon to be consent orders in place, I can do with my life as I please and he has no say in the matter. Living well is the best revenge!!!

As if. I am going to find the best man ever and he can suck it up the stupid moron. See how much of a rambo he is when he is confronted with a man twice as big as him. Thanks for the opportunity to have my childish but satisfying vent. I am just a nice person who was had I now see. Discovering that my ex is a sociopath displays everything on Dr Hares list was the best piece of knowledge of my life. Things have fallen into place now. I recommend a book called Why does he do that? Inside the minds of angry and controlling men. Very helpful. Also the sociopath next door is one I refer to often.

Well it sounds to me like we all have something in common, which is a relief because these sick persons make us feel as if we are the crazy one! This will prove to get the kids out of their abusive hands because these people ALWAYS make mistakes when they think they are winning 9 make them think they are winning!!!!!

Who is this incredibly unstable sociopath? He gives a new definition to the word sociopath. He is like dealing with a small child. He is always plotting and scheming to implement his next move. He is a very, very sick person.

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He is sub-human. He is a form oof the demonic. No, they side with these sick sub-humans every single time. He has thrown his own kids under the bus on numerous occassions. This guy is Satan himself. And as if it is not bad enough that we must deal with this socipopath, he is also the Chief of Police. Recidivist violent offenders who are constantly appearing before Courts. The most notorious of course in the last century was Adolf Hitler, who surrounded himself with other psychopaths and together they manipulated and controlled a whole nation and brought death and destruction to most of Europe.

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What is of most concern is that Hitler was actually elected to power by the German people — how was he able to achieve this?. It is important to know this so that steps can be taken to try to avoid such situations arising again. For example the con-men who embezzle the lifesavings of elderly or naive people and ruin their lives. Those paedophiles who ingratiate themselves to single mothers through Dating websites, with the sole purpose of gaining acess to her children in order to sexually abuse them. Parents who video-record their sexual abuse of their children and sell such recordings to child porn websites for financial gains.

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While the media and politicians are focussed on the importation and distribution of heroin and cocaine, many thousands of children are being sexually abused to obtain financial rewards which far outstrip those of the drugs trade. Such registers should be publicly available so that everyone can protect themselves appropriately and societies can be aware of their destructiveness. The gender issue is a distraction and a diversion from the main issue and may only be resolved when the Brain MRI Scan is in general use.

It will also establish which people have a neurological or an environmentally-caused psychopathic condition. Thank all of you for sharing! I finally had the courage, yesterday, to permanently cut off contact with my sociopathic sperm donor formerly known as father. He abused me, my brother, and our mother for many years. I was not raised so much as permitted to live to adulthood.

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I have been through years of therapy to deal with his abuse. He showed almost all of the classic signs — deception, public vs. Although he did not receive much education, he is very intelligent and able to use people for his own financial advantage. Because of this ability, he has been able to amass a substantial fortune which he uses to control and punish others. I was cautiously allowing her to have a relationship with him in the hopes that he would keep his disease in check, but of course they cannot do that, can they?

His spouse is also ill and co-dependent with him.

The sociopath exit strategy

She appears to overlook his sociopathy in order to satisfy her own twisted agenda, part of which was to eliminate his former family from his life. My brother has been estranged from him for 10 years, and Mom has had very little contact with him since they divorced 30 years ago. He is supposed to send very small court-ordered alimony checks to her, and always manages to send less than agreed upon. My mom and brother live in poverty, and my husband, daughter and I are just getting by. He has sent significant funds to us in the past in order to try to buy our love and loyalty.

I am embarrassed to admit it worked in the past, but no more. I cannot allow this sick, twisted individual to harm my daughter. I explained to her what he was, and I think she understands but is still deeply hurt by the betrayal. Her dad and I are very loving toward her, and she has other healthy, loving grandparents.

This means, of course, that I will never get another cent from him. In exchange for being free, it is a small price to pay. I am free from fearing he will harm my daughter.

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I am so thankful that he lives far enough away that there is little chance that he will show up on my doorstep. Take your children, the car, whatever you need that you can carry, and RUN! Financial support is not worth ruining your life.