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Another dumb thing in the kaizo version is, we cannot use items like full heal amd revive in battle so if my pokemon is poisoned or has any other status problem i can do nothing until the battle is over. I wasn't able to get my badge from the 3rd or 4th gym and the old man is blocking my way to get back what do I do. There's a link to a guide above. Does that not help? Which version are you playing? At Lv 24? If the evolution starts and then suddenly stops, maybe you haven't got the National Dex. I want to try this hack and I want a gengar.

Yes, the trade evolutions have been changed. See the Evolutions List document above. Which emulator? First change the save type to Flash k, then either delete the. I don't think so, unless it was added in the Kaizo edition. Th other DarkRising games 2 and after have it though.

What is the differences between this kaizo version and the mega evolution version listed in your all pokemon hacked gba list? Thank you knuckle-san And thanks a lot for this great site!!! I don't know much about the Mega version. I think it might be the better option. Its a bit hard for me Kaizo ver. But the original is really hard but u finished the original. Im still figuring the differences between them..

Dark Rising: Warrior of Worlds

Thanks a lot hope. Btw i cant use max revive and full restore ingame battles why is that? But my enemy is using full restore and i can only use in ingame battles are max ir hyper potions and full heal? There's a list of changes in Kaizo given above.

Mainly, it fixes bugs and slightly reduces difficulty. And yeah, those items can't be used in battle to increase the difficulty I guess.

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I got pokemon dark rising 1 and 2 on game boy advance can u trade pokemon from dark rising 1 to 2 using a cable link or gameboy advance wireless adapter? Plz let me know. Trading between two different games is usually not a good idea.

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But you can always try, I guess. Im in the first forest of the game in yhe kaizo version but theres a invisible wall and i cant go through. Her Shroomish pokemon is so strange. Please fix :. I forgot to add.

Pokemon Dark Rising Kaizo - PART 2 (Reupload)

Im Playing DR kaizo fixed version when suddenly encountered that Hang or what ever you called that. Sorry, I'm not the creator so I can't really fix it. Try getting around that trainer if possible.

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Otherwise, use the source link above to get in touch with the creator. Not sure if the pokemon location list needs to be updated for the kaizo version or not, but I was able to get a Turtwig on Lavaburn Path, hopefully the list is actually accurate, or else my planned team falls apart. I believe the list was intended for the original, and not Kaizo, so it's quite possible that locations have been shuffled.

Hopefully only slightly though. Hopefully, hopefully the location list for kaizo pops up somewhere, I'd like to know before I go any further where my remaining team is. I doubt such a list was ever released. I've tried contacting the guy who made the Kaizo mod, SinisterHoodedFigure about a different hack but never got a reply, so there's also that..

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  • Same here - pokemon location list is inaccurate. Been searching for riolu in battle cave for 2 hours on fast forward cheat. I've been getting pignite and other mons that are supposedly not supposed to be in the cave. Well, they're not in the wild Pokemon list, so either they're not in the game or you get one by gift. Is the kaizo version completely fixed? And is it a harder version or so? Not sure if it's completely fixed; but hopefully there are less bugs. I don't think it was made harder as one of the features is a more reasonable difficulty curve.

    Is there something wrong with the encounter rate? I'm getting a battle literally every step.. It was probably intended to be that way.

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    Is this in one area, or in general? Also, which version are you playing? EVs are removed? Pokemon can't gain evs on battle or by using vitamins? I honestly don't know, sorry. You can try contacting the creator here- Link. Eelektrik can evolve?

    Because normally we have to use a thunder stone but it isn't written in evolution list. If Android, My Boy! Not sure about MacOS.


    You could try FireRed cheats, but make a backup of your save in case something goes wrong. How can you catch more than one legendary?????? And in Pinnocle City, there is grass next to the pokemon center. These ain't pokemon, they are Question Marks.