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Have you ever lost important notes to the elements or to a hungry rhinoceros?

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Raw and primitive. Alaska and the Sierra Nevada Mountains are settings rich with story possibilities. SS: What if the battery in my alarm clock died and I never woke up? Could I write an entire novel while asleep? I scribbled that note on a matchbook cover, er, somewhere. That would make for an intriguing experiment. Please let me know if you ever try it. Do you have any new research excursions planned? Ones you plan to maintain consciousness for? Ideas, like fast-food mustard packets, are easily stolen.

I was under the impression that those mustard packets were complimentary. I have so much to learn about Earth customs. Speaking of future plans, Briar the Psychic Beagle asked me to pass along a message to you. All I remember is that she said it was urgent. I hope it comes back to me eventually. And because you obviously enjoy camping, how about campfire activities? Cribbage in a rocking chair strapped to the wing of a biplane at 20, feet.

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How do you coax the slumberous amphibians out? SS: Whisper sweet words where their ears should be and a frog will follow you anywhere. As everyone knows the eardrum of a frog is a large exposed disk behind its eye on each side of its head. I have a similar physical trait, though I am not a frog. You may be aware that I frequently bemoan the lack of gastropods in Earth literature and that I encourage the authors I interview to consider including gastropods in their future books.

In your case, no such exhortation is necessary. It includes entries about sea slugs and snails. It also introduced me to a gastropod I was previously unfamiliar with, the limpet. Thank you. Is photography an extension of your writing or is writing an extension of your photography?

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SS: Early in my career as a travel writer I discovered my articles were more marketable if I could provide images. Since I was already a hobbyist in that art form I thought, Why not? Many years passed before I decided to try photo-illustrated books for children.

Emotions can even be captured visually with inanimate objects. Do you have any suggestions for what might be causing his inability to produce a decent photograph? SS: The problem may be in the developing trays. And I suggest checking your dark room for light leaks. A dark fabric will fix it. Since the problem persists in digital cameras as well, I suspected both theories would be disproved.

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  3. The White Hart.

I did and my original doubts were confirmed. I tend to get distracted by this topic. SS: No comprendo. These books are informative, combining Spanish and English to educate young readers about counting, colors, and Latino celebrations. However, they also employ a playful use of language in the form of poetry.

Interspersed with poems written from the points of view of fictional characters are actual quotations and details of real happenings from that year. SS: The historical pieces were chosen because I thought they added authenticity: a mirror reflecting the vibe of the sixties, politically and socially. When I read about Norman Morrison, father of three, who set himself on fire to protest the Vietnam war, I sat at my computer and cried. Hardcover , 32 pages. More Details Original Title.

Other Editions 1. Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about The Dancing Turtle , please sign up. Lists with This Book. Community Reviews. Showing Average rating 3. Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Start your review of The Dancing Turtle. May 22, Peacegal rated it liked it. The illustrations of the Amazon rainforest burst with life and color.

I liked how the turtle outsmarted the man who was planning on making her into turtle soup. I wish the overall message was a little more humane--such as the kids convincing their dad not to try and capture the turtle again after they befriended her. I'm very depressed so I tend to look for stories on Cool Animals Concepts. Bear with me. I wanted to see if there were ebooks on dancing turtles, so I found this. A folk tale about a dancing turtle who plays music. And by doing so, escapes the terrible fate of being food. Turtles are as far as folk tales go, musical friends, not food.

OK, it's a tale for children, and it's good at that, too!

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I'm completely overthinking the ethical implications of saving yourself through I'm very depressed so I tend to look for stories on Cool Animals Concepts. I'm completely overthinking the ethical implications of saving yourself through music and art, so I'm just going to say it's totally OK to save yourself through a little bit of guile and music and art.

Because there's few things as bad as the destruction of music and art.


The dancing turtle

Kids, save what you create. Fight for your creativity and for your ability to create. Future depends on it. May 02, frogfairie rated it liked it.

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Nov 06, Megan Gallagher rated it liked it. Brief Book Summary :This story is about a turtle who can play the flute and dance, the turtle is captured and brought back to a tribe and locked in a cage. The turtle tricks the children of the tribe to let him out of the cage to play music and then naps.

The turtle escapes and the story ends with the father of the children going out to hunt for the turtle again. It opens in the Brazilian rain forest as a flute-playing turtle is captured by a hungry man. Locked in a cage, Turtle tells the man's children that she will dance for them if they let her out. Turtle twirls, bobs, weaves, jumps, and crawls. Then pretending to be hot and tired, she escapes. The quality of the artwork isn't up to that of the text. However, the paintings, dominated by shades of green and punctuated by reds, oranges, and yellows, capture the diverse flora and fauna people included of theregion.

This lighthearted tale ends on an understanding note as theboy and girl try--but fail--to pass off a painted rock as their missing dinner.